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Twenty “Before And After” Photos That Are Just So Interesting To Look At

1.A modern tomato next to a tomato grown from 150-year-old seeds:

2.And a building in New York before and after being power washed:

3.A box of Nerds candy from 1984 (discovered under someone’s floorboard) and a box from recent years:

4.And one terabyte of external hard drive storage in 2009 vs. in 2022:

5. A stack of dollar bills after being in circulation vs. a stack of brand new ones:

6. And hundred dollar bills from 1977, 2003, and 2017:

7. An Ancient Greek stadium before and after it was excavated by archaeologists:

8. A historical medical journal documenting the before and after of a tumor removal in the 17th century:

9. New chocolate chips vs. older ones (the change in color is called blooming and comes from being exposed to warm temperatures…they’re still fine to eat!):

10.A reservoir in Glossop, England in 2022 (during a drought) and the same reservoir in 2023 after heavy rainfall:

11. And a college student’s notes before and after they started taking ADD medication:

12. A 300-year-old sword before and after being restored:

13. And — wow! — a viking axe before and after being restored:

14. A new TV remote vs. one used by a smoker:

15. A stuffed animal loved on for years vs. a brand new version of the same stuffed animal:

16. And a dog before and after getting groomed:

17. An actor in Turkey before and after putting on makeup for a play version of Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

18.And Iskenderun, Turkey on February 5, 2023 after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake and a year later:

19.A 1988 Toyota Hilux and the 2012 version of the same truck (it really shows you how much larger trucks have gotten over the years):

20.The camera size of an original iPhone (right) vs. an iPhone 13 Pro:

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