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How a 29-Year-Old Model Marries Her Love, a 75-Year-Old Billionaire – Harsh Criticism

In earlier times, arranged marriages were widespread, and individuals rarely had a say in choosing their life partners. However, in the present day, we enjoy the benefits of autonomy and selection. As society has progressed, so too have our perspectives on romantic relationships.

People of diverse age groups, even with considerable age differences, can have fulfilling relationships. When there is a genuine connection, age becomes insignificant, and the usual limits people think of often do not matter.

Despite some people labeling the younger individual as a gold-digger or the older individual as a creep, love transcends such judgments, and when you encounter your soulmate, it’s unmistakable. Take, for example, Co Ngan and Wynn Katz. Co, a 29-year-old model from Vietnam, the knot with Katz, a 75-year-old entrepreneur from LA who owns and designs the brand Rough Roses.

The two met on one of Wynn’s business trips in Vietnam and fell for each other instantly.

They’ve had their ups and downs

Despite enduring numerous breakups, the couple ultimately chose to tie the knot. Ngan described Wynn as her soulmate, stating, “He is the love of my life, I am certain of it.”

Sadly, the model faced a barrage of harsh, derogatory remarks concerning their relationship. Many accused her of being interested solely in his wealth, while others labeled her with the classic gold-digger stereotype.

She was clear with her intentions from the start

Ngan, who is extremely wealthy and well-statused in Vietnamese society, doesn’t require any additional money. The claims labeling her as a gold-digger are baseless. As a well-known model and celebrity, she is financially stable and can indulge in any luxurious lifestyle she wishes, without relying on a man for support.

She has always defended against criticism by stating it has always been a “matter of the heart” and that she deeply loves him. They manage to ignore the negativity. The couple frequently shares videos on TikTok, where they create amusing sarcastic clips in response to the hurtful comments left by users.

Ngan and Katz aren’t the only couple with a massive age difference to have a happily ever after. In fact, many couples today have plenty of years between them and still experience flourishing love. 

Age is just a number

Deep bonds transcend the limits of age, race, culture, and gender. What draws two individuals together is often a mystery. More importantly, why taint that beautiful connection with our judgment just because we don’t understand or accept?

Ultimately, our differences and the unique viewpoints we bring to a relationship make us fall for one another and sometimes even find our soulmate. So, let’s break down those stereotypes and taboos

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