These 14 Heart-Stopping Photos Will Make Your Stomach Sink

These 14 Heart-Stopping Photos Will Make Your Stomach Sink

1. This electronic bed that was invented to protect the sleeper during an earthquake:

After you fall through it, it closes on you like a coffin…

2. This coffee shop that uses AI to track the productivity of its employees:

3. This water leaking from an underground tunnel:

4. This drive-by view of the world’s biggest statue:

5. These mushrooms sprouting from someone’s moldy laundry:

6. This giant animatronic at a rave:

7. This Goliath birdeater spider people found in their kitchen:

8. This pineapple that’s seemingly bleeding:

9. This Netflix glitch that makes the subtitles stuck on the phrase, “there’s no point in living.”

10. This prototype Green Goblin mask from the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie.

11. This wall of hanging spiders in Bali:

12. This dog that looks like it needs an exorcism:

13. These hairless cats staring creepily into the camera:

14. And finally, this duct tape mold of a man scrolling on his computer:

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