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Everyone in the theater fell silent in stunned amazement” – 16 films that had flawless endings

The conclusion of a movie is important since it is the final thing we remember. We’ve recently discussed some films that have totally nailed the finale, and folks have done the honorable thing by sharing some more.

1. The Passion of the Christ

“After the movie was over, the entire theatre shuffled out in stunned silence. All heads were bowed, no one spoke a single word.”


2. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

“It destroys me every time! Knowing that ET was just a kid who got left behind on a foreign planet and almost died makes me sob every time I see it.”


3. Officer and A Gentleman

“It’s my favourite movie ending ever! I cry every time.”


4. Home Alone

“It has one of the best endings ever.”


5. You’ve Got Mail

“The final scene where they ‘meet for the first time’ always makes me emotional.”


6. Arrival

“The final 10 minutes of that film not only turns the rest of the movie on its head, but it is filmmaking at its very finest. Every shot, every line, every edit, every note — perfection.”


7. Chinatown

“It should definitelty be on any list like this.”


8. The Whale

“I sobbed for two hours afterwards – heart-wrenching,”


9. Identity

“It becomes known that every character has the same birthday but everyone in the audience is just as confused as the characters as to why, until we finally find out…”


10. No Country for Old Men

“When he wipes his feet off and you know why.”


11. Women Talking

“The last minutes when you’re not sure if they’re going to be able to leave or not. An absolutely perfect ending to seriously one of the greatest ensemble films.”


12. Oppenheimer

“The horror-laced ending sends chills down my spine three viewings later.”


13. Rogue One

“When I went to see it on a whim, I was blown away by the ending so perfectly leading up to Episode IV. It was so satisfying and I don’t think I was the only person to feel this way as the theater collectively clapped at the end of the film.”


14. Big Fish

“How they tied in the wild half truth stories the father told into the actual stories the son sees at his father’s funeral was such a perfect ending, IMO. I read the book and disliked how it portrayed the father son dynamic. 

I really don’t know how it was even a movie possibility with the way the book had been written. When they made the movie with the father’s narrative it completely changed the story for me.”


15. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Showing my age, but never forgot walking out of that theatre. DEAD SILENCE. The only sounds were the shuffling of coats and feet.”


16. Empire Strikes Back

“If you’re old enough to remember when it was released, the revelation that Vader was Luke’s father was shocking! You gotta remember that at that point, nobody knew who or what Vader really was. Was he a machine? An alien? Something else??? And Luke was told that Vader murdered his father. 

So in that one iconic line, we learned that not only was Vader Luke’s father, but there was actually a human being underneath all that metal and wires. It was powerful.”

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